Menstruation Matters: Kindara and AFRIpads Partner to Improve Menstrual Health In Uganda

Boulder, COLO. - May 11, 2015 - Kindara, a company dedicated to giving women the tools to track their own reproductive health, is pleased to announce a partnership with AFRIpads to improve access to menstrual hygiene supplies for women in Uganda. Kindara and AFRIpads have set the goal to provide 500 women and girls in Uganda with reusable menstrual pad sets.

Beginning May 11, Kindara will donate one set of menstrual pads with each purchase of their basal body temperature thermometer, Wink. The Uganda-based nonprofit organization AFRIpads, which employs local women and has already distributed over 500,000 reusable menstrual kits in local communities, will manufacture and distribute the pads to girls in local schools. This sustainable approach gives girls and women the tools to manage their periods and avoid missing school or work due to menstruation.

"The reason we started AFRIpads back in 2010 was in direct relation to the atrocious situations girls in the villages were facing when they menstruated," said founder Paul Grinvalds. "We learned of girls using things like newspaper, leaves, pieces of mattress in lieu of a sanitary pad. That's when we came up with the idea of a locally made, washable pad at a low cost."

The partnership is part of a larger movement to raise awareness about the taboos surrounding menstruation around the world. May 28 will mark the second International Menstrual Hygiene Day, which is dedicated to opening up the conversation about menstruation and addressing the problems women and girls face when coping with their periods in school and the workplace. Menstrual Hygiene Day organizer and Kindara partner WASH United works to highlight the solutions available to women and girls to help them manage their periods.

In addition to sustainable development efforts with AFRIpads and WASH United, Kindara will also strive to raise awareness about the issues women around the world face when they menstruate.

"Professional women are often judged by their biology rather than the quality of their work," said Kindara President and COO Sally Hatcher. "This mindset that female intelligence and emotional competence can be correlated with a monthly cycle needs to change. Kindara is giving women the toolkit to know more about how they actually function, and to make better-informed decisions about their health."

Kindara’s mission is to empower women by giving them the knowledge to understand their unique cycles and make decisions based on their individual health needs.

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Kindara is a company devoted to giving women the tools, knowledge, and support to understand their bodies, take ownership of their reproductive health, and meet their fertility goals. Founded by a husband-and-wife team, Kindara is committed to designing exceptional products that improve women’s lives. Kindara's first product, the much-loved Kindara Fertility app for iPhone and Android, has helped tens of thousands of women avoid pregnancy naturally, get pregnant faster, and better understand their cycles. Kindara’s second product, Wink by Kindara, is a Bluetooth basal body thermometer that allows women to seamlessly track their data with ease and accuracy.